Game Tight

Published in: SF Bay View, April 29, 2013
Young people… to start you must acknowledge for everything you think you know, there is a great deal you don’t know. That the first pursuit of a man is to acquire knowledge. But until you can discern the real from the fake, true knowledge and the wisdom to wield it effectively will always escape you.
First, understand you must re-educate yourselves, mentally and morally. You need to know that much of what you’ve been fed in the game is poison. For example, every day we are lied to, either by insecurities, pain, or deceit; told that love is a weakness; that women in general are untrustworthy and conniving.
The wise man knows our greatest strength is our capacity for love, empathy, and understanding. Every great man has had “love” at the center and source of his strength: love for the people, for life, his woman. We are lied to, told our worth in this world is based on the material. We waste lives chasing money, the cars, the clothes, and whatever these capitalist elitists tell us we need to be somebody. We are conditioned to accept violence as a viable means of gaining respect. But no money nor violence can make you good leaders or men; this comes from the substance of your character and the way you conduct yourself in your dealings: treating people fairly, with respect and courtesy; conducting business fairly without being greedy or underhanded; and resorting to violence only after all other means  of resolution have failed.