To my comrades

To my comrades, loved ones, and those I’ve met but hadn’t had a chance to really know yet. I am currently here at HDSP waiting to be transferred out of state. Apparently foreseeing the work I’ve done in my civil rights lawsuits, forcing them to discontinue my unjustified placement on “HRP” (High Risk Prisoner), in the hole.
Rather than releasing me to a yard here in Nevada, where I can be among you once again. And rather than addressing all the fucked up shit going on in this prison system. To which you well know. They obviously felt it would be easier to just get rid of me.  And that’s cool, I am ready for whatever new struggles I may face at this point in my journey. But I will miss my brothers here, my n’dugus, Black and Brown. And my White brothers in the Struggle too, you already know.  
Rilla talk, NV has taken 21 years of my life, but not without a fight. I gave y’all my blood, and put in a lot of work, to help give you a solid foundation to build on. A lot of sacrifices. More than most of you know, and hopefully more than you’ll have to make. But sacrifice is all a part of success. Nothing worth having in life can come without. Who knows anything about life that have never bled, never struggled. Who truly believes in anything and is not willing to catch a few bumps and bruises. How else would you even know that you are alive… I’ve planted a few seeds and I’ve watched them grow. Although we’ve each felt alone at times, a tree that grows alone, if it survives at all, grows strong. So keep turning that wheel, machine, vanguards of your own destiny. 
I heard a hater say once if a man isn’t willing to fight for his freedom then he deserves to be enslaved. And that was some of the realest shit I ever heard. So if you sick of getting snitched on, tell them pigs stop putting rats in your building , if you sick of being treated like a child, less than a human being, then expect more of yourself and give more for these youngsters to see. Isolating ourselves, b’cuz this or that person showed up or broke weak, only serves the pigs’ objectives to keep us stagnated, undereducated, and disorganized. A machine is a mechanical thing, made of parts. Parts break, wear out and get replaced. Unfortunately, in this regard, one  must be removed of emotion.  It’s not an easy thing, and to still show love in the same sense know you must be able to turn it off in an instant, and likewise gauge when patience is worthwhile. But that is how leaders are born among men. The pigs train you to reject your own leadership, because they know without leadership the machine can’t function.  Tho’ we don’t always see it, the foundation is there, laid long before by men and women who sacrificed for us all. And it’s right there in your own DNA, to fill that void. 
This may be my last word for a while as I walk this path into the unknown. My focus never more sharp, ready for whatever. There may be an ambush set up for me around the corner. But I am confident whatever struggles lie ahead, we each and will fill them with dignity, no excuses, and that rilla spirit in our veins. I’ve been blessed to meet some beautiful brothas in my 21 yrs here. Well you know, it’s always a treat when trues meet. But more than that I got to share knowledge and learn from these men, most of us became men in prison together. And I got to introduce them to my teachers. Rilla sisters like Assata and Angela, comrade George, Huey, Che and Fanon. And as I developed my own consciousness out of that sleepwalk of the pimp/player death styal, I got to see these brothas, all of us young men, transform from gangster to guerilla. And look, in NV brothas are not gang bangin and killin each other every day. Inspite of all the bullshit, a few minor insecurities here and there. 
Everything that’s needed for real unity and transformation is there. That rilla spirit is alive in NV. It just needs a little spark to light the flame. On that note, my rilla love to the trues. I wish I could call out your names, but you know who you are. Keep turnin the wheel.
Can’t stop, wont stop.
Ikemba S. Mutulu
(Nov 3rd2011)