Support the struggle for human rights in Georgia prisons

Published in: SF Bay View, Jan. 12, 2011 

I’d like to offer this word of support to the convicts and comrades out in them Georgia dungeons doing your thing. As word comes out about the inhumane conditions there, it’s important we all stand in solidarity with these men. To recognize and demand one’s own humanity is to simultaneously acknowledge and stand in unison for the human rights of all peoples.
The state will make every excuse to deny this systematic pattern of abuse and corruption in the prisons. They will try to criminalize our protests as riots and our self defense against their brutality as unprovoked attacks on them.
So it is vital for loved ones and supporters on the outside to witness as much as possible, get as many first hand accounts as possible and report it to the people.
And we on the inside must continue the struggle, educating one another and doing what is necessary to make our voices heard. The young brothers there said, “Know your rights.” And I would add, “Know your worth.”