Tomorrow is the mid-term elections. Where its predicted the democrats will lose the majority in both the house and senate. All of whitch is being put out  as a very big deal. What kills me are the comments commentators, and other figures, in the media make, about how smart the amerikan public is. In regards to its ability to judge facts from bullshit. As in every election now days, billions of dollars are spent. Mostly on misleading ads designed to deceive , distract, and manipulate the public. It’s funny to me (or rather sad) , because the very fact these incredible amounts of money are spent  consistently. Is clear cut proof of just how ignorant and easily fooled the Amerikan public is.

The truth is the amerikan public are like sheep , and a man much smarter than me once said “a society of sheep will beget a government of wolves.”  If the amerikan public does not wake up soon, it will follow that wolf right off the cliff, into the mouth of destruction. 

The entire nation of democrat and republican is bullshit! I am for democracy I believe in the right of the people to choose its leaders. But in a society where every aspect of our daily lives are divided by class, race, gander, and all the rest, to think that true democracy is possible, is a fools game. When the average public school teacher only enough for our children to be good workers for rich people and the election process is nothing more than a popularity contest, serving the corporate interest, in a two party system where both are nothing more than two sides of the same coin. Anyone who thinks this is democracy, they are fools and until this country can humble itself (or be humbled), to acknowledge the fact its forefathers were stringing a few flowery words together. 

Were not all knowing, all seeing, or anything but criminals and cutthroats themselves, imperfect. That the very foundations this country is built on, are inherently flawed, lending to corruption, and the oppression of not only its own people, but of the worlds peoples. Until Until we dig up these flawed foundations, and rebuild a new. There will be no such thing as a democracy in amerika and no such thing as peace for its people, here at home or in the world.