Fuck Arizona´s Lawmakers

Be it the invaders of this land, those who stole these lands and built a nation on the blood of millions of slaves, to tell its indigenous peoples that “they” are illegal. We all know the fact is the great majority of these so called illegal immigrants are hard working and good people.  And without the service they provide in cheap labor, the economy would go to shit. Obviously for various reasons we need to secure our borders. But we´re talking about people and families who are already here, and an integral part of our society.
As for the fear mongers using the terrorism card.  They might want to spend more time encouraging the government to get out of these bullshit wars. Stop murdering innocent civilians in these foreign countries. And less time coming up with these bullshit bills and laws that foster discrimination, criminalizing these hardworking honest people. This is not a Hispanic or Mexican issue. This is a people issue. This is a nation of immigrants. These are our friends and neighbors. And as a Black man whose ancestors sacrificed so much and fought so hard for the rights of all peoples in this country, I feel we all need to stand with our immigrant brothers and sisters. March with them, protest with them, and demand a repeal of these racist laws like we see in Arizona.
– Marritte
May 12, 2010