"FUCK NASTY NAS" – Hip Hop Ain ‘t Dead

“Fuck that dude Nas.” That’s what a lot of them rap cats is sayin right now. But the trues who know is diggin what the brotha Nas is talking about when he say Hip Hop is dead. All these ignorant individuals with that childlike mindset thinking everything is everything because they’re getting chips, pushin that same bullshit poppin in rap music today. They’re not understanding the position of influence and power they’re in. These rap dudes keep talking about (glorifying) pushin slabs and gangbangin, shootin dudes all the time in their raps, not even thinking how destructive that shit is to young people, got little kids wantin to be drug-lords and killas because that’s all these dudes keep talking about.

They’re not talking about all the fathers who (black and brown) demonized and emasculated on a daily basis by this corrupt ass society, can’t even get a decent wage to provide for their families in this corrupt ass society. So they either get into some street shit or end up fiends, dead on the curb, or trapped in these prisons.

They’re not talking about the baby mamas trickin off their bodies for a crumb sack, spending their grocery money on dope instead of food for their kids, out late night tweakin, pickin through the dirt for something (anything) to put on that pipe. Young brothas growin up sprung on that life disrespecting the black woman and knockin each other off over bullshit … All these rap dudes talk about is their dubs and candy paint, the iced out chain (blood diamonds) they got and trickin off ends at the club. And it’s like bait on the hook, romanticizing that same death style that’s killing so many of our people and allowing these KKKops to murder us in them streets and lock us up in these prisons. They’re pushin a death style of materialism, perversion and greed. Keepin us ignorant to the fact that we’re livin under a racist/corrupt government that’s mass murdering people of color all over the planet. And these simpleminded rap dudes try to justify the shit not realizing just how deep this shit is. Trust and believe it them multi-billion dollar corporations know what the fuck they’re doin, using Hip Hop to help oppress and mis-educate the people, especially young people, at the same time flippin a profit off our culture.

Again the backwards thinking of these rap dudes reveals itself (their ignorance) when they say the people dictate the market, they buy the music they like, so the rappers are just makin the music the people want. But they’re not realizing, when you’re in a position to educate and share a message with the people, you have a “responsibility” to give them a positive message, and to educate them on something that’s going to uplift and empower them.

When these rap dudes talk about the people dictate what music they put out, we need to understand it’s not our people buyin the majority ofthose COs and it’s not our people deciding what CDs these record companies gone push. Young white kids listen and it’s nothing. They just laugh and dance to it. But young blacks and browns listen to it and they not just laughin and dancing. They lookin at these rappers and listening for a way out the hood. A lot of them don’t have a father at home to tell um or teach um shit, he’s either dead or in jail. So they listening to these CDs for their lessons, what it is to be a man, and what life is supposed to be like. So these rap dudes gotta stop playin the pawn for these pigs and start being more conscious about how they present certain shit, and the message they’re putting out to the kids.

Black/ Afrikan people all over the planet look to us as the example. So we gotta put more time and thought into what it is we really wanna say to our people when we ‘re writing these rap records. Most important recognize a lot of these adult topics are being pushed to children who are not emotionally or intellectually developed enough to make that separation necessary to filter out the bullshit. So we gotta bring more balance to the shit we put out. And don’t put it all on the parents. That’s an argument for the enemy to manipulate your mind. We know how hard it is for two black parents to provide for and raise a family, let alone a single mother or father. So we gotta be conscious of that and understand the depth of our influence in the education and development of the children in our communities and all over the world.

Hip Hop was created and is supposed to empower the people, make us wanna show love, laugh and enjoy life without unjustly fuckin off someone else’s life. That’s what the brotha Nas was talking about when he said Hip Hop is dead. He was speakin on commercialized Hip Hop. And we gotta support that because it’s real talk. If Hip Hop is not doing anything to build up the people, the everyday people in them streets (black and brown) struggling to live, then fuck Hip Hop, that shit is dead. By no means is this to say that gangster rap has no place in the Hip Hop culture. It is reflective of that warrior spirit in us all, and we need that. We just need to take it from that gangster mentality to the guerilla.

©2008 Ikemba Serious Mutulu